Adults Gi and No Gi Classes - Jiu jitsu


Our Jiu Jitsu academy is a collection of almost every type of person you can think of - doctors, lawyers, students, law enforcement, businessmen, businesswomen, and more. Every day they drop those titles and come into the academy as equals and leave their egos off the mat. These same people walk into the academy every day and improve their health, fitness, learning ability, self-motivation, and stress levels. They may not be thinking about the many benefits of BJJ that cannot be seen, but it doesn’t matter if they can see them or not - they are happening. To us, what you can’t see is really what the Brazilian jiu jitsu lifestyle is about. It’s taking the lessons learned on the mat and applying them to your everyday life.

Every day is a struggle to become a better human being and the goal is to create successful, self-motivated individuals not only martial artists. Beyond any physical improvements that come as a result of Jiu Jitsu are the mental improvements that are often overlooked.