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In today’s age, it is hard to stay relevant on all social media platforms, produce professional content, run a business, website, blog, family etc. If you are a small business, startup, brand, or product it is even more important to stay relevant on all these platforms. Unfortunately companies who offer these types of “social media” management packages, or marketing advise have high prices with little results. We know that at the end of the day you need conversions, sales, subscriptions, opportunities, and we have proven methods and systems to deliver those results.

What we do

We are businessmen and businesswomen working hard to reveal and produce content that helps others become successful. Each team member understands that to become successful you must help others “become successful”. We are international networking professionals who work around the globe, but we bring all this knowledge and understanding of success back to the small business’s.

We believe we have a recipe for success, and it starts with a local mastermind group. At these groups you will learn, collaborate, and share ideas with local professionals. Here you will work on planning, and developing your success with other professionals. Team members give lectures, and present ideas while working with each individual member on their personal venture. Local business’s find ways to collaborate with local products, and startups learn proven methods and systems for generating traffic and producing sales.

All We Do

A term we regularly use is "All We Do", and this is because once you learn the skills of success it will manifest into everything you do in life. We never had the intention of reinventing the wheel, we simply took what has worked for successful people of the past and applied it into a proven 'modern' system. Many famous entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie or Napoleon Hill were around before the explosion of the internet. Now it is crucial to take their proven systems and apply them to everything we do. This would include social medias, videography, and general internet marketing. While we think it is important to find success in your business, product, or idea, we also believe anything you do can be marketed and converted into revenue. We go beyond the basics and help people shift their perspectives into the mindsets of the modern entrepreneur. The old entrepreneur made money from a successful product, business, or idea, and this method is still working today. The modern entrepreneur can make money from their lifestyle with content creation, and feel they never worked a day in their life. Once you understand that traffic equals conversions you will be able to lead real traffic into any bussiness, product, or idea.


September 8th Workshop Overview

Our Mastermind Success groups are one of a kind networking groups that allows insider information to be shared openly. At this event Chad Keel will share his secrets on social media marketing, networking, live videos, increasing traffic, and ultimately increasing sales. By the age of 30, Chad Keel has traveled the world, started two successful companies, featured on Discovery Channel and the Oxygen Network, wrote a best selling book, and has become a social media guru to thousands. Learn from his secrets on social media, and quickly you will be directing huge flows of traffic. In today's world if you do not have exposer you will never stand out, and ultimately your company/product/idea will suffer. The more traffic you have, the more people you have to market to. 

Chad's route is simple and has been tested and proven: Quality Content = Traffic, Traffic = Conversions. This workshop will take a in depth look into what you are currently doing, what you need to change, and a full game plan on how to do it better. You will leave with a game book of ideas and strategies to increase success in your life. Even if you are looking for personal growth as opposed to professional growth this is the workshop for you. We believe personal growth and professional growth seekers will both gain fresh perspectives that will lead you into a life of overwhelming success. Space is extremely limited so it is important you buy your ticket now. This workshop will be two hours long, and business owners are encouraged to bring current analytics/data: Current likes/subscriptions, average video views/comments (engagement), etc. Also, all members are encouraged to bring a notepad and writing utensil to take notes on information that will change your life!



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