Women's Self Defense and Fitness

 This is a complete exercise program offering real fitness in Wrightwood. Get in shape and reach far beyond your fitness goals.  These classes are designed to help each individual student reach their personal fitness goals along the path of becoming a warrior. Apart from exercising, strength training, and personal diet mentorship you will learn real self defense from an accomplished martial artist. There are many “cardio kickboxing” classes, and “cardio” classes with fake movements that would never work in a real world self defense situation. Rest assured that this is not one of those classes. Your movements will not be meaningless and your exercises will have purpose behind every movement. These classes offer self-confidence, self-reliance, motivation, purpose, and we use martial arts as its medium to convey a deeper understanding of ones self. Through the process of attending Women’s Self Defense and Fitness you will find a deeper understanding of fitness and the ability to defend yourself and your family. A self empowered woman with the confidence to defend herself and maybe even her husband if the time called for it. 


Am I to old?

You are never to old to start this program. This class can be as light or intense as the student chooses for it to be. We modify every movement and technique to meet the individual students ability. Age, or even disability should not stop you from reaching the goals deep in your heart. If this program interests you we will make it work and accommodate you at your own pace and ability. 


What to wear:

Yoga attire, or gym attire is completely appropriate. Pants are always recommend over shorts during these classes. A sports top, and t-shirt will work perfectly. Wear flip-flops to the gym as you will be training bear foot on the martial art mats. Bring a rubber band to put your hair up so it doesn’t disturb you during training. 


What to bring:

A water bottle and towel. If you are coming from work, or going to work after or before the gym you can bring your change of clothes and change in the restroom. 

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